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My first season of trials!

I must apologize up front that I did not update this blog earlier. I have been very busy as I have gone back to school so spending even more time on the computer to write blogs has been hard.

This past summer was my first season doing trials. Overall I really liked it but there are a few things that I would do different after my first season. Actually, what I would have done different is what I will be doing this season.

First, I wish I had bought a new or newer bike from the get go. I bought my 2003 GG 280TXT for several reason though. The first was that I was in the middle of building a house and did not want to spend a lot of money, and second I wanted to make sure this was something I really wanted to get into before I invested in it. Now that I know I really like trials, I will be picking up a new bike next week, selling my 30 foot camper to buy a larger toy hauler, and buying a new vehicle that will be better to pack the family in. The main reason for getting a new bike is that while the GG has been a good learner, it is in serious need of suspension work, and I just do not want to put the time or energy into it right at the moment.

How did all this madness start? 🙂 I blame it all on Barry Morris, who has several  Youtube channels dedicated to enduro and trials. At the time I was in love with enduro and wanted to up my game and Barry said that trials training could do that. So I bought a trials bike, and now am obsessed with trials and no longer want to ride enduro. You can find Barry’s videos in the training tab above.

What is the second thing I would do different? Ride the appropriate class. I started in the clubs intermediate class which was not as challenging as I had wanted. Then at one of the events we had a practice day before and I rode a lot with some of the expert riders. They all thought that I had the abilities need to ride the advanced class so I did. While I could do it, it was a little over my head. Being stubborn I kept riding that class I it seemed like the challenge was making me a better rider. However it was frustrating and was getting me hurt. So this year I am going to drop back to the intermediate class and try to have more fun. I will be at this for the long haul, so I will have plenty time to move up.

So there you have it. Two things I plan to do different. New bike, and ride the appropriate class and try to have more fun instead of killing myself trying to ride the higher class.

I am really looking forward to this season and the new bike. Just wish it would get out of the negative temps (Fahrenheit) so I can start practicing again.


Learning to Hold Pressure

(This post originally written on Aug 2017)

I have been working on various techniques and wanted to try holding pressure with the front wheel after popping the front tire onto an object. This was the first time doing this, and getting the tire up onto the hay bale and balancing was the easy part, but getting the front wheel back down and moving off without dabbing took a few tries.

The first few tries in the video shows me trying to bounce off, but I kept forgetting to let off the rear brake. LOL. Then after a few tried I finally got it.


First Bike – 2003 Gas Gas 280 TXT

I just wanted to thank everyone for their help finding a bike so I could get started in trials. I have looked at a lot and almost bought a newer bike, but found this 2003 Gas Gas 280 TXT that is in pretty decent condition.

My plan is to ride this bike and learn on it and then maybe buy a new bike at the end of the year. I figured if I get an older bike I will be less worried about dinging it up learning to ride trials and push myself harder then I might with a new bike that I would be worried about knocking off the new. :-)

I am going to go though it pretty well. Change the oil, remove the carb and clean everything and rejet if needed, rebuilt the forks and maybe shock, change the spark plug, and anything else you guys might think would be good. I already changed the air filter, drained the old gas. Probably should look at changing the oil in the brakes and clutch as well.

If you guys have any advice on things I should do or adjust I would appreciate the advice. In the mean time I am planning on things to set up for my own trials course on my farm. Yippee, I have a bike!


Buying New vs Used

It seems common that many people getting into trials, are interested in buying a used bike. In fact this is the route that I have chosen to take. Not because I cannot afford a new bike, but because I want to make sure that I am serious about it before investing the money.

Having owned off road enduro and dual sport bikes, I know that I love off road riding. It has also been suggested by a lot of people if this is the case I will really love trials. I tend to think they are right, as the limited trials training I have done on enduro bikes, is tons of fun.

So why not buy new? Well for me I want to test the water as I said above. However one of the major reasons for me to try to find a used bike is that I am sure I will be much harder on my bike while I am first learning. As such I would prefer to have a used bike that I will be more willing to try stuff and not be as concerned with damaging it. This actually makes me push myself more if I am not worried about breaking or scratching up a new bike.

Now the only drawback to buying used, is that trials bikes are not easy to find second hand. Well at least that is the case in the part of the country in which I live. In fact the local trials association stated that they rarely see used bikes on the market and when they did show up were gone within a few days.

This alone makes me consider a new bike. I have done a lot of searching, emailing, and talking on the phone and have come up empty handed. Sure there are used bikes that are still for sell, but they are only around one to two thousand less then new, and for me I would rather buy new then buy an old bike for that little less.

I have a couple dealers looking for used bikes for me, hopefully something will come up soon so that I can actually get something and get this show on the road.


Getting Started in Motorcycle Trials.

I am starting this blog to cover my journey into motorcycle observed trials. This is something I have been interested in for many years, but up until this point I have only owned and ride enduro bikes.

I started looking into trials again because I wanted to improve my off road riding skills. However once I started practicing some trials exercises I found that I really enjoy it and want to pursue a trials bike.

This blog will go over my search and hopefully purchase of a trials bike and what I learn along the way. I hope that maybe I can use this blog to help others get interested in the sport and maybe give some guidance from a noobs perspective.

Keep watching as I journey into trials.

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