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First Bike – 2003 Gas Gas 280 TXT


Hi my name is Dave and I am the author of this blog. Please enjoy!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their help finding a bike so I could get started in trials. I have looked at a lot and almost bought a newer bike, but found this 2003 Gas Gas 280 TXT that is in pretty decent condition.

My plan is to ride this bike and learn on it and then maybe buy a new bike at the end of the year. I figured if I get an older bike I will be less worried about dinging it up learning to ride trials and push myself harder then I might with a new bike that I would be worried about knocking off the new. :-)

I am going to go though it pretty well. Change the oil, remove the carb and clean everything and rejet if needed, rebuilt the forks and maybe shock, change the spark plug, and anything else you guys might think would be good. I already changed the air filter, drained the old gas. Probably should look at changing the oil in the brakes and clutch as well.

If you guys have any advice on things I should do or adjust I would appreciate the advice. In the mean time I am planning on things to set up for my own trials course on my farm. Yippee, I have a bike!



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